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International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education

2014 Volume 21, Number 3

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Students' Expectations from Technology in Mathematical Tasks: Mathematical Relationships between Objects, Instrumental Genesis and Emergent Goals

    Vasiliki Laina & John Monaghan

    This paper reports on two students' work on geometry tasks in a dynamic geometry system. It augments prior work on students' instrumental geneses via a consideration of emergent goals... More

    pp. 79-87

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  2. Changes in Pre-Service Teachers' Algebraic Misconceptions by Using Computer-Assisted Instruction

    ByCheng-Yao Lin, Yi-Yin Ko & Yu-Chun Kuo

    In order to carry out current reforms regarding algebra and technology in elementary school mathematics successfully, pre-service elementary mathematics teachers must be equipped with adequate... More

    pp. 89-101

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  3. Visualizing the Arithmetic of Complex Numbers

    Hortensia Soto-Johnson

    The Common Core State Standards Initiative stresses the importance of developing a geometric and algebraic understanding of complex numbers in their different forms (i.e., Cartesian, polar and... More

    pp. 103-114

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