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International Journal of Learning and Change

2012 Volume 6, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Social Intelligence and Top Management Team: An Exploratory Study of External Knowledge Acquisition for Strategic Change in Global IT Service Providers in India

    Eric Kong, Doren Chadee & Revti Raman

    This paper focuses on the processes by which firms, particularly knowledge intensive firms, can augment their overall knowledge stock by tapping into external sources of knowledge. It is argued... More

    pp. 1-17

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  2. In Pursuit of the Individual in the Field of Knowledge Management

    Isabel D. W. Rechberg & Jawad Syed

    The aim of this paper is to explore the focus on individuals in the field of knowledge management (KM). Through a meta-review of the KM literature, we identify a relative disregard of the... More

    pp. 33-48

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  3. Adopting Organisation Learning Theory in the Classroom: Advancing Learning through the Use of Blogging and Self-Reflection

    Margee Hume

    An examination of current literature found a rudimentary number of papers canvassing the role of online blogging in advancing student learning. This paper evaluates the use of online student blogs ... More

    pp. 49-65

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  4. The Influence of Complexity and Uncertainty on Self-Directed Team Learning

    David Gray

    To help increase the effectiveness of self-directed teams, this paper studies the attitudes and behaviour of self-directed team members during the course of a computer simulated marketing strategy ... More

    pp. 79-96

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