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Informatics in Education

2010 Volume 9, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Understanding Complex Adaptive Systems by Playing Games

    Arthur van Bilsen, Geertje Bekebrede & Igor Mayer

    While educators teach their students about decision making in complex environments, managers have to deal with the complexity of large projects on a daily basis. To make better decisions it is... More

    pp. 1-18

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  2. Students' Activity Focus in Online Asynchronous Peer Learning Forums

    Alessio Gaspar, Sarah Langevin, Naomi Boyer & William Armitage

    This qualitative study explores how using Peer Learning Forums (PLF) in an online asynchronous computer programming course can be analyzed to derive information about Student Activity Focus (SAF)... More

    pp. 19-36

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  3. Engaging Students of Senior High School in Simulation Development

    Katerina Glezou & Maria Grigoriadou

    In this paper we present a small-scale study investigating the use of the MicroWorlds Pro multimedia programming environment as an authoring tool for constructing models, simulations and multimedia... More

    pp. 37-62

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  4. Introducing Adaptivity Features to a Regular Learning Management System to Support Creation of Advanced eLessons

    Zivana Komlenov, Zoran Budimac & Mirjana Ivanovic

    In order to improve the learning process for students with different pre-knowledge, personal characteristics and preferred learning styles, a certain degree of adaptability must be introduced to... More

    pp. 63-80

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  5. Learning Content and Software Evaluation and Personalisation Problems

    Eugenijus Kurilovas & Silvija Serikoviene

    The paper aims to analyse several scientific approaches how to evaluate, implement or choose learning content and software suitable for personalised users/learners needs. Learning objects metadata ... More

    pp. 91-114

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  6. Effects of Using Model Robots in the Education of Programming

    Attila Pásztor, Róbert Pap-Szigeti & Erika Lakatos Török

    In this article we try to show how new devices and methods can help in the education of programming. At Kecskemét College programmable mobile robots and instead of behavioral, the constructivist... More

    pp. 133-140

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