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Informatics in Education

2016 Volume 15, Number 1

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Number of articles: 3

  1. MEMORE: An Environment for Data Collection and Analysis on the Use of Computers in Education

    Ronaldo Goldschmidt, Isabel Fernandes de Souza, Monica Norris, Claudio Passos, Claudia Ferlin, Maria Claudia Cavalcanti & Jorge Soares

    The use of computers as teaching and learning tools plays a particularly important role in modern society. Within this scenario, Brazil launched its own version of the "One Laptop per Child... More

    pp. 63-84

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  2. Investigating Parents' Attitudes towards Digital Technology Use in Early Childhood: A Case Study from Croatia

    Nives Mikelic Preradovic, Gordana Lešin & Mirjana Šagud

    The aim of this study is to investigate perceptions of parents in Croatia towards advantages and disadvantages of computer use in general as well as their children's computer use and to reveal... More

    pp. 127-146

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  3. Affect Recognition through Facebook for Effective Group Profiling towards Personalized Instruction

    Christos Troussas, Kurt Junshean Espinosa & Maria Virvou

    Social networks are progressively being considered as an intense thought for learning. Particularly in the research area of Intelligent Tutoring Systems, they can create intuitive, versatile and... More

    pp. 147-161

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