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International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education

2018 Volume 28, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Detecting and Addressing Frustration in a Serious Game for Military Training

    Jeanine A. DeFalco, Jonathan P. Rowe, Luc Paquette, Vasiliki Georgoulas-Sherry, Keith Brawner, Bradford W. Mott, Ryan S. Baker & James C. Lester

    Tutoring systems that are sensitive to affect show considerable promise for enhancing student learning experiences. Creating successful affective responses requires considerable effort both to... More

    pp. 152-193

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  2. Modeling Expert Behavior in Support of an Adaptive Psychomotor Training Environment: A Marksmanship Use Case

    Benjamin Goldberg, Charles Amburn, Charlie Ragusa & Dar-Wei Chen

    The U.S. Army is interested in extending the application of intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) beyond cognitive problem spaces and into psychomotor skill domains. In this paper, we present a... More

    pp. 194-224

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  3. Designing Adaptive Instruction for Teams: A Meta-Analysis

    Robert A. Sottilare, C. Shawn Burke, Eduardo Salas, Anne M. Sinatra, Joan H. Johnston & Stephen B. Gilbert

    The goal of this research was the development of a practical architecture for the computer-based tutoring of teams. This article examines the relationship of team behaviors as antecedents to... More

    pp. 225-264

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  4. Shared Mental Models in Support of Adaptive Instruction for Teams Using the GIFT Tutoring Architecture

    J. D. Fletcher & Robert A. Sottilare

    Teams and teamwork are ubiquitous in military and civilian organizations. Their importance to organizational success cannot be overstated. This article describes the relationship and effect of... More

    pp. 265-285

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  5. Creating a Team Tutor Using GIFT

    Stephen B. Gilbert, Anna Slavina, Michael C. Dorneich, Anne M. Sinatra, Desmond Bonner, Joan Johnston, Joseph Holub, Anastacia MacAllister & Eliot Winer

    With the movement in education towards collaborative learning, it is becoming more important that learners be able to work together in groups and teams. Intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) have... More

    pp. 286-313

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