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Journal of Food Science Education

April 2009 Volume 8, Number 2

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  1. Consumer Awareness and Willingness to Pay for High-Pressure Processing of Ready-to-Eat Food

    Doris T. Hicks, Lori F. Pivarnik, Ryan McDermott, Nicole Richard, Dallas G. Hoover & Kalmia E. Kniel

    Commercial, nonthermal processing of food, such as high hydrostatic-pressure processing (HPP), has increased. The safety and quality of foods produced by HPP has not been well communicated to the... More

    pp. 32-38

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  2. How Does the Freezer Burn Our Food?

    Shelly J. Schmidt & Joo Won Lee

    Freezer burn is a common problem that significantly affects the color, texture, and flavor of frozen foods. Food science students should be able to clearly explain the causes and consequences of... More

    pp. 45-52

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