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Journal of Research on Technology in Education

2018 Volume 50, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Exploring Factors That Promote Online Learning Experiences and Academic Self-Concept of Minority High School Students

    Alex Kumi-Yeboah, James Dogbey & Guangji Yuan

    The rapid growth of online education at the K-12 level in recent years presents the need to explore issues that influence the academic experiences of students choosing this method of learning. In... More

    pp. 1-17

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  2. Everyday Laptop Use by Children in a Southern Country: A Mixed-Method Approach

    S. Nogry & P. Varly

    Information and communication technology (ICT) use among children in low-income countries remains understudied. The purpose of this study is to describe laptop usage among children in the context... More

    pp. 18-33

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  3. Examining Elementary Teachers' Use of Online Learning Environments: An Exploratory Study

    Pamela Beach

    This article presents the results of a study that examined elementary teachers' use of online learning environments for their informal professional learning in literacy instruction. Forty-five... More

    pp. 34-47

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  4. Examining the Role of Professional Development in a Large School District's iPad Initiative

    Min Liu, Yujung Ko, Amanda Willmann & Cynda Fickert

    This study examined 342 teachers' views of professional development (PD) provided by a large school district to support its iPad initiative. We were interested in investigating teachers'... More

    pp. 48-69

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  5. Blended Learning for Learner Empowerment: Voices from the Middle East

    Rana M. Tamim

    Blended learning (BL) is still in its infancy in the United Arab Emirates, but is gaining growing attention and acceptance. The particular university under investigation offers its nationally... More

    pp. 70-83

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  6. Examining the Relationship between Comparative and Self-Focused Academic Data Visualizations in At-Risk College Students' Academic Motivation

    Stephen J. Aguilar

    This qualitative study focuses on capturing students' understanding two visualizations often utilized by learning analytics-based educational technologies: bar graphs, and line graphs. It is framed... More

    pp. 84-103

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