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Journal of Research on Technology in Education

2016 Volume 48, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. One-to-One Computing and Student Achievement in Ohio High Schools

    Nancy L. Williams & Karen H. Larwin

    This study explores the impact of one-to-one computing on student achievement in Ohio high schools as measured by performance on the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT). The sample included 24 treatment... More

    pp. 143-158

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  2. Examining Teachers' Use of iPads: Comfort Level, Perception, and Use

    Min Liu, Cesar C. Navarrete, Robert Scordino, Jina Kang, Yujung Ko & Mihyun Lim

    While there is evidence of the growing popularity of iPads and other tablets in K-12 education, little is understood about how teachers use these devices in their instruction. This study examines... More

    pp. 159-180

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  3. How Tablets Are Utilized in the Classroom

    Christine Ditzler, Eunsook Hong & Neal Strudler

    New technologies are a large part of the educational landscape in the 21st century. Emergent technologies are implemented in the classroom at an exponential rate. The newest technology to be added ... More

    pp. 181-193

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  4. Teaching in a Digital Age: How Educators Use Technology to Improve Student Learning

    Katherine McKnight, Kimberly O'Malley, Roxanne Ruzic, Maria Kelly Horsley, John J. Franey & Katherine Bassett

    A successful digital conversion for classrooms, districts, and states is not determined by the technology, but by how technology enables teaching and learning. The purpose of our multisite case... More

    pp. 194-211

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  5. A Technology Integration Education (TIE) Model for Millennial Preservice Teachers: Exploring the Canonical Correlation Relationships among Attitudes, Subjective Norms, Perceived Behavioral Controls, Motivation, and Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPACK) Competencies

    Denise D. Holland & Randy T. Piper

    Intellectual goods can follow the same pattern as physical goods with the product life cycle of birth, growth, maturity, and decline. For the intellectual good of technological, pedagogical, and... More

    pp. 212-226

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  6. Exploring Developmental Appropriateness of Multitouch Tables in Prekindergarten: A Video Analysis

    Jennifer Ward, Stephanie Branson, Megan D. Cross & Ilene R. Berson

    This study explored how developmentally appropriate practices influenced the affordances of a multitouch surface in an early childhood classroom. Children, ages 4 to 5 years old, were videotaped... More

    pp. 227-238

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