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Journal of Research on Technology in Education

2011 Volume 43, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Bridging the Gap between Expert-Novice Differences: The Model-Based Feedback Approach

    Dirk Ifenthaler

    The study adds to the body of knowledge about different types of feedback. Feedback is considered a fundamental component for supporting and regulating learning processes. Especially in computer... More

    pp. 103-117

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  2. Perspectives on the Integration of Technology and Assessment

    James W. Pellegrino & Edys S. Quellmalz

    This paper considers uses of technology in educational assessment from the perspective of innovation and support for teaching and learning. It examines assessment cases drawn from contexts that... More

    pp. 119-134

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  3. Promoting Collaboration in a Project-Based E-Learning Context

    Kyparisia Papanikolaou & Maria Boubouka

    In this paper we investigate the value of collaboration scripts for promoting metacognitive knowledge in a project-based e-learning context. In an empirical study, 82 students worked individually... More

    pp. 135-155

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  4. Developing an Educational Performance Indicator for New Millennium Learners

    Myunghee Kang, Heeok Heo, Il-Hyun Jo, Jongho Shin & Jeonghee Seo

    Educational performance based on the learning outcomes of formal schooling in a future knowledge society could be significantly different from that of today. This study investigates the... More

    pp. 157-170

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  5. Exploratory Learning with Geodromo: Design of Emotional and Cognitive Factors within an Educational Cross-Media Experience

    Jose Bidarra & Olimpio Martins

    In this paper we present Geodromo, a prototype of an educational multimedia system, part of the Portuguese "Ciencia Viva" (Live Science) educational program, which is aimed at young people and... More

    pp. 171-183

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