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Journal of Research on Technology in Education

2006 Volume 38, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Virtual Lecture Hall for In-Class and Online Sections: A Comparison of Utilization, Perceptions, and Benefits

    Kenneth M. Cramer, Kandice R. Collins, Don Snider & Graham Fawcett

    We further evaluated the Virtual Lecture Hall (VLH) (Cramer, Collins, Snider, & Fawcett, in press), an instructional computer-based platform to deliver PowerPoint slides threaded with audio clips... More

    pp. 371-381

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  2. Evaluating Strategies Used to Incorporate Technology into Preservice Education: A Review of the Literature

    Robin H. Kay

    The following paper is based on a review of 68 referred journal articles that focused on introducing technology to preservice teachers. Ten key strategies emerged from this review, including... More

    pp. 383-408

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  3. The Influence of Teachers' Technology Use on Instructional Practices

    Glenda C. Rakes, Valerie S. Fields & Karee E. Cox

    This study investigated the relationship between technology use and skills and the use of constructivist instructional practices among teachers in rural schools. Teachers in this study responded to... More

    pp. 409-424

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  4. A Comprehensive Look at Distance Education in the K-12 Context

    Kerry Lynn Rice

    This review provides a comprehensive examination of the literature surrounding the current state of K-12 distance education. The growth in K-12 distance education follows in the footsteps of... More

    pp. 425-448

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  5. Singapore Students' and Teachers' Perceptions of Computer-Supported Project Work Classroom Learning Environments

    Angela F. L. Wong, Choon-Lang Quek, Shanti Divaharan, Woon-Chia Liu, Jarina Peer & Michael D. Williams

    The computer-supported Project Work classroom learning environment discussed in this paper represents a paradigm shift from teacher-centered to student-centered teaching and learning in Singapore... More

    pp. 449-479

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