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Journal of Research on Technology in Education

2006 Volume 38, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Wireless Laptops as Means for Promoting Active Learning in Large Lecture Halls

    Miri Barak, Alberta Lipson & Steven Lerman

    This paper reports on a study that examined the use of wireless laptops for promoting active learning in lecture halls. The study examined students' behavior in class and their perceptions of the... More

    pp. 245-263

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  2. Teacher Inquiry: A Vehicle to Merge Prospective Teachers' Experience and Reflection during Curriculum-Based, Technology-Enhanced Field Experiences

    Kara Dawson

    This study describes and analyzes a four-year effort to provide curriculum-based, technology-enhanced field experiences for prospective teachers. These field experiences and this associated study... More

    pp. 265-292

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  3. Learning Strategies and Performance in a Technology Integrated Classroom

    Kathleen Debevec, Mei-Yau Shih & Vishal Kashyap

    This study examines students' use of technology for learning (accessing the course Web site to download PowerPoint slides for note taking and exam preparation) relative to more traditional learning... More

    pp. 293-307

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  4. Implementing Project-Based Learning and E-Portfolio Assessment in an Undergraduate Course

    Yasemin Gulbahar & Hasan Tinmaz

    In this case study, the aim was to implement project-based learning by utilizing e-portfolio assessment in a small-scale classroom (N = 8). The compulsory Design, Development, and Evaluation of... More

    pp. 309-327

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  5. Implementation and Effects of One-to-One Computing Initiatives: A Research Synthesis

    William R. Penuel

    There are now a large number of initiatives designed to make laptops with wireless connectivity available to all students in schools. This paper synthesizes findings from research and evaluation... More

    pp. 329-348

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  6. An Investigation of Communicative Competence of ESL Students Using Electronic Discussion Boards

    Shenghua Zha, Paul Kelly, MeeAeng Ko Park & Gail Fitzgerald

    This study focuses on the use of electronic discussion boards with elementary-aged English as a Second Language (ESL) students. The purpose of the study is to investigate students' communicative... More

    pp. 349-367

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