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Composition Studies/Freshman English News

2014 Volume 42, Number 1

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Archive 2.0: What Composition Students and Academic Libraries Can Gain from Digital-Collaborative Pedagogies

    Matthew A. Vetter

    Research across disciplines in recent years has demonstrated a number of gains involved in community engagement and service-learning pedagogies. More recently, these pedagogies are being filtered... More

    pp. 35-53

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  2. Composing Change: The Role of Graduate Education in Sustaining a Digital Scholarly Future

    Kristine L. Blair

    In "Reading the Archives: Ten Years on Nonlinear ("Kairos") History," James Kalmbach acknowledges the significant role graduate students have played as digital innovators in the... More

    pp. 103-106

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  3. Argumentation, Authority, and Accessibility in Digital Publishing: A Retrospective on "Composition Forum"

    Christian Weisser & Kevin Brock

    The authors report that the last decade has been an exciting time for electronic scholarly publication, especially in composition and rhetoric, where digital media experimentation has coincided... More

    pp. 123-127

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