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2003 Volume 3, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Academe, Technology, Society, and the Market: Four Frames of Reference for Copyright and Fair Use

    Amy Metcalfe, Veronica Diaz & Richard Wagoner

    Suggests that varied and often understated uses of copyrighted materials exist in academic settings. Introduces four "frames" of reference: Academic, Technological, Social, and Market. Presents... More

    pp. 191-206

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  2. Multilateral Digital Library Partnerships for Sharing and Preserving Instructional Content and Context

    Anna Keller Gold

    Explores Digital Library development partnering as a strategic response to the problem of competitive convergence, and the value added to information by providing its "context of use." The latter... More

    pp. 269-91

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  3. Serving the Visually Impaired User

    Gretchen L. Wade

    Providing service to visually impaired persons can provide a special challenge to librarians. This article provides suggestions on making libraries more accessible. Both technological solutions and... More

    pp. 307-13

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