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Quarterly Review of Distance Education

2010 Volume 11, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Exploring Adult Learners' Perceptions of Technology Competence and Retention in Web-Based Courses

    Jennifer Calvin & Beth Winfrey Freeburg

    The purpose of this study was to examine the self-reported technology competencies of adult online learners and whether self-reported technology competence was related to students' intent to... More

    pp. 63-72

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  2. Barriers to Distance Education in Rural Schools

    Matthew J. Irvin, Wallace H. Hannum, Claire de la Varre & Thomas W. Farmer

    The primary purpose of the current study was to examine barriers to the use of distance education and explore related factors in small and low-income rural schools. Data were collected via a... More

    pp. 73-90

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  3. Virtual Schools: Improving Outcomes for Students with Disabilities

    Jeanne Repetto, Cathy Cavanaugh, Nicola Wayer & Feng Liu

    Individual and social benefits accrue when high school graduation rates increase. One approach to increasing graduation rates is to design learning environments that serve students with... More

    pp. 91-104

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  4. Degree of Online Collaboration and Team Performance: A Case Study

    Ling Thompson & Heng-Yu Ku

    This case study investigated the relationship between degree of online collaboration and quality of group project among four teams. Thirteen participants were randomly assigned to form 4 teams to... More

    pp. 127-134

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