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2006 Volume 41, Number 4

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Sharing Educational Resources Worldwide: An Interview with Shimizu Yasutaka

    Diana G. Oblinger

    Shimizu Yasutaka is President of the National Institute of Multimedia Education (NIME) and Professor Emeritus at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. After meeting with Shimizu in December 2005 in... More

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  2. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

    George Strawn

    Information technology has been changing the academy for the past fifty years, but those changes are small compared with what can be expected in the next fifty years. Three relatively recent IT ... More

    pp. 8-9

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  3. A Post-Millennial's View of Online Courses

    Hannah Somers

    In this article, the author, an eighth-grade student, relates her own experiences when she took an online course. She cites some of the pros and cons of taking an online course. She also observes... More

    pp. 10-11

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  4. The Myth about the Digital Divide

    Brian L. Hawkins & Diana G. Oblinge

    Although computer ownership is not 100 percent, progress has been made on closing the digital divide. However, defining the digital divide according to the haves and have-nots of computer ownership... More

    pp. 12-13

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  5. Lessons for the Future Internet: Learning from the Past

    Michael M. Roberts

    Twenty-five years ago, the Internet was fighting for recognition in the arena of telecommunications. Now, everyone is using the net, and using it in more and more interesting ways, some of them... More

    pp. 16-18

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  6. Transformations of the Research Enterprise

    Sandra Braman

    Over the last few decades, innovations in information technology have brought about fundamentally new approaches to research. As a result, research methods, practices, and institutions are evolving... More

    pp. 26-28

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  7. Managing Courses Defining Learning: What Faculty, Students, and Administrators Want

    Ali Jafari, Patricia McGee & Colleen Carmean

    The use of Learning/Course Management Systems (L/CMSs) has exploded in higher education. Recently, these authors served as editors for a book, "Course Management Systems for Learning," which... More

    pp. 50-52

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  8. New Horizons the Future of Higher Education

    Morton Egol

    Given the extraordinary success that higher education has enjoyed over a very long period, it is vulnerable to becoming the "victim of its own success." The challenge for higher education is... More

    pp. 72-73

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  9. The NPC: A Higher Priority for Networking Policy

    Jeff C. Kuhns

    This article discusses the scope of activities of the Network Policy Council (NPC), which has been designed to provide a more direct channel of communications within EDUCAUSE and to provide policy ... More

    pp. 74-75

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  10. Changing Assumptions in Best Practice

    Ted Dodds

    More than a decade ago, the predominant means by which colleges and universities deployed major information systems shifted from in-house development to the acquisition of packaged software. The ... More

    pp. 76-77

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