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2017 Volume 36, Number 1

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Number of articles: 3

  1. The Writing on the Wall: Activist Rhetorics, Public Writing, and Responsible Pedagogy

    Scott Sundvall & Katherine Fredlund

    Drawing from their experiences teaching two different activism-focused writing courses, the authors consider the benefits, pitfalls, and potential dangers of activist writing pedagogy. Scott... More

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  2. Some Thoughts on the DALN as Public Utility

    Michael Harker & Ben McCorkle

    At 7,000 literacy narratives and counting, it is becoming clear to Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN) co-directors Michael Harker and Ben McCorkle that the Archive's joint commitment to ... More

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  3. Multimodal Pedagogical Approaches to Public Writing: Digital Media Advocacy and Mundane Texts

    Sarah Warren-Riley & Elise Verzosa Hurley

    With the proliferation of digital media and other forms of technologically mediated communication, this article argues that critical multimodal pedagogical approaches to public writing-... More

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