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Policy Futures in Education

2008 Volume 6, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. Digital Libraries and Digitisation: An Overview and Critique

    Ruth Rikowski

    This article provides an overview of some of the main areas surrounding the broad topic of "Digital Libraries". This includes the advantages and costs of digitisation; the traditional and digital... More

    pp. 5-21

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  2. Digital Knowledge Resources

    M Paul Pandian

    Technology has revolutionized the concept of libraries. Networking and computing technologies have now become sufficiently advanced to support the design and deployment of large digital libraries... More

    pp. 22-38

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  3. SPARC: Creating Innovative Models and Environments for Scholarly Research and Communication

    Heather Joseph

    The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), a strategic initiative founded by the Association of Research Libraries, is a catalyst for promoting a scholarly communication... More

    pp. 39-42

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  4. Meeting and Serving Users in Their New Work (and Play) Spaces

    Tom Peters

    This article examines the public services component of digital and virtual libraries, focusing on the end-user experience. As the number and types of "places" where library users access library... More

    pp. 43-48

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  5. Virtual Libraries and Education in Virtual Worlds: Twenty-First Century Library Services

    Lori Bell, Mary-Carol Lindbloom, Tom Peters & Kitty Pope

    As the use of the Internet and time spent on the Internet by individuals grows, and the use of virtual worlds like Active Worlds and Second Life increases, the library needs to have an interactive ... More

    pp. 49-58

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  6. Digital Library and Digital Reference Service: Integration and Mutual Complementarity

    Jia Liu

    Both the digital library and the digital reference service were invented and have been developed under the networked environment. Among their intersections, the fundamental thing is their symbiotic... More

    pp. 59-76

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  7. Learning Systems in Post-Statutory Education

    Paul Catherall

    This article examines the broad scope of systemised learning (e-learning) in post-statutory education. Issues for discussion include the origins and forms of learning systems, including technical... More

    pp. 97-108

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  8. Building the Virtual Scriptorium

    Tatiana Nikolova-Houston & Ron Houston

    Manuscripts, archives, and early printed books contain a documentary record of the foundations of human knowledge. Many elements restrict access to this corpus, from preservation concerns to... More

    pp. 109-121

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  9. Going Digital: The Transformation of Scholarly Communication and Academic Libraries

    Isaac Hunter Dunlap

    Not since the age of Gutenberg has an information upheaval so thoroughly disrupted the processes of scholarly knowledge creation, management and preservation as the digital revolution currently... More

    pp. 132-141

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