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Technology, Pedagogy and Education

2018 Volume 27, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Measuring the Promise of Big Data Syllabi

    Alon Friedman

    Growing interest in Big Data is leading industries, academics and governments to accelerate Big Data research. However, how teachers should teach Big Data has not been fully examined. This article ... More

    pp. 135-148

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  2. Exploring Teacher Pedagogy, Stages of Concern and Accessibility as Determinants of Technology Adoption

    Paul F. Burke, Sandy Schuck, Peter Aubusson, Matthew Kearney & Bart Frischknecht

    This research examines how the pedagogical orientations of teachers affect technology adoption in the classroom. At the same time, the authors account for the stage of concern that teachers are... More

    pp. 149-163

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  3. Practical Considerations Informing Teachers' Technology Integration Decisions: The Case of Tablet PCs

    Natalie Pareja Roblin, Jo Tondeur, Joke Voogt, Bram Bruggeman, Griet Mathieu & Johan van Braak

    The unique characteristics of tablet PCs promise important benefits for education. Yet, little is known about the rationale underlying teachers' decisions concerning their educational uses within... More

    pp. 165-181

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  4. A Shifting Landscape: Using Tablets to Support Learning in Students with Diverse Abilities

    Anne Burke & Janette Hughes

    As technology becomes a larger part of people's everyday lives, it is logical to think that it should also become a part of the learning process. The use of tablets in classrooms is becoming an... More

    pp. 183-198

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  5. Exploring Spanish Pre-Service Teachers' Talk in Relation to ICT: Balancing Different Expectations between the University and Practicum School

    Oliver McGarr & Guillermina Gavaldon

    Information and communications technology (ICT) now plays a prominent role in pre-service teacher education programmes across the globe. Despite this emphasis, research indicates that pre-service... More

    pp. 199-209

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  6. Bridge21: Teamwork, Technology and Learning. A Pragmatic Model for Effective Twenty-First-Century Team-Based Learning

    John Lawlor, Claire Conneely, Elizabeth Oldham, Kevin Marshall & Brendan Tangney

    There have been calls for decades by many educational writers and commentators for a new model of learning to facilitate what is generally described as twenty-first-century learning. Central to... More

    pp. 211-232

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  7. The Shallows and the Depths. Cognitive and Social Presence in Blended Tutoring

    Anna Turula

    The article investigates a system of academic education called tutoring implemented in a blended format. It looks at this teaching and learning experience based on the results of a student... More

    pp. 233-250

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  8. Meaningful Learning with Mobile Devices: Pre-Service Class Teachers' Experiences of Mobile Learning in the Outdoors

    Tomi Kärki, Heli Keinänen, Anu Tuominen, Marianna Hoikkala, Eila Matikainen & Hanna Maijala

    The authors consider the use of mobile learning environment ActionTrack in teacher education. Pre-service class teachers' (N = 277) experiences of the mobile learning environment were measured with... More

    pp. 251-263

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