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Australian Educational Computing

June 2006 Volume 21, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. In Defence of IT in Australian Schools: A Critique of "No Train No Gain"

    Margaret Lloyd

    In November, 2005, an article entitled "No train no gain" (Thorp, 2005) quietly appeared in "The Australian." In the closing paragraphs of the article, the President of the Australian Computer... More

    pp. 3-8

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  2. MicroWorlds and Learning in Teacher Education

    Nick Reynolds

    The introduction of an open-ended MicroWorlds based assignment in a pre-service teaching degree produced interesting results. Students engaged with the task at very high levels and produced work of... More

    pp. 9-14

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  3. Capturing Learning through Student-Generated Digital Video

    Sandy Schuck & Matthew Kearney

    Digital video is an exciting emerging technology that can be used in schools to support, extend, or change pedagogy and curriculum outcomes. In particular, student-generated digital video has... More

    pp. 15-20

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  4. Using Information Communication Technologies in Remote School Communities

    Graeme Lock & Chris Forlin

    In 2003 the authors visited four schools in the Western Australian Department of Education and Training's Kimberley Education District to investigate the use of Information Communication... More

    pp. 21-25

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  5. First Aid for Female Casualties of the Information Highway

    Petrea Redmond

    Females are under-represented in education, training and employment in the area of Information Communication Technology (ICT). Research shows that girls are tuning out to ICTs in school and they... More

    pp. 26-32

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