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Australian Educational Computing

November 2002 Volume 17, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. ICTs for Learning: An Overview of Systemic Initiatives in the Australian States and Territories

    Glenn Finger & Sue Trinidad

    This article provides an overview of Systemic Initiatives in the Australian States and Territories. This updated overview acknowledges the help and information provided by key contacts whom the... More

    pp. 3-14

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  2. Information Technologies (IT): Competency Requirements and Development of IT Skills in an Australian Degree for K-6 Teachers

    Dianne P. Chambers & Calvin Tromp

    Developing Information Technology (IT) skills in pre-service teachers and identifying IT competencies required of practising teachers is an issue challenging most developed nations. This paper... More

    pp. 15-20

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  3. Musical Composition and Creativity in an Advanced Software Environment

    Nicholas Reynolds

    This paper serves as a brief description of research into the use of professional level music software as a learning tool for creativity and composition by primary school children. The research... More

    pp. 21-25

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  4. Flexible Learning: Support Issues for Support Staff

    Rosamund Winter

    The move to providing flexible delivery of university subjects and courses urged by government policy raises a number of issues for support staff. Whatever "flexible learning" might mean, there are... More

    pp. 26-30

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  5. My Life Online!

    Lorraine Connell

    In this article, the author shares her experience in using online teaching and learning with students. She describes her journey that has continued from hesitant beginnings into what has almost... More

    pp. 31-32

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  6. Multimedia Presentations: A Powerful Education Learning Tool

    Paula Simeone

    Multimedia is one of the biggest buzzwords around in education in this age of computer technology. Multimedia is short for multiple media and simply means using computers to bring together words,... More

    pp. 33-35

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