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International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning

1999 Volume 4, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Didactical Complexity of Computational Environments for the Learning of Mathematics

    Rosamund Sutherland & Nicolas Balacheff

    Considers the idea of "intentional knowledge" and the difference in nature between "knowledge" as a construct of society, and 'knowing' as construct of an individual. Discusses how the theory of... More

    pp. 1-26

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  2. Using Web-Based Materials in Large-Scale Precalculus Instruction

    David Slavit & Joshua Yeidel

    Outlines an attempt at integrating web-based activities into a precalculus course at a large university in which discussion of the development of the activities is initially provided. Investigates ... More

    pp. 27-50

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  3. Complex Calculators in the Classroom: Theoretical and Practical Reflections on Teaching Pre-Calculus

    Jean-Baptiste LaGrange

    Reviews tasks and techniques to help students develop an appropriate instrumental genesis for algebra and functions to prepare for calculus. Focuses on the potential of the calculator to connect... More

    pp. 51-81

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