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International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning

December 2008 Volume 13, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Playing with Representations: How Do Kids Make Use of Quantitative Representations in Video Games?

    Tom Satwicz & Reed Stevens

    This paper describes the use of quantities in video games by young people as part of a broader effort to understand thinking and learning across naturally occurring contexts of activity. Our... More

    pp. 179-206

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  2. Graphic Calculators and Micro-Straightness: Analysis of a Didactic Engineering

    Michela Maschietto

    This paper concerns the analysis of a didactic engineering, the aim of which is to introduce Calculus, at secondary-school level, through the relationship between global and local points of view.... More

    pp. 207-230

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  3. An "Emergent Model" for Rate of Change

    Sandra Herbert & Robyn Pierce

    Does speed provide a "model for" rate of change in other contexts? Does JavaMathWorlds (JMW), animated simulation software, assist in the development of the "model for" rate of change? This project... More

    pp. 231-249

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