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International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning

October 2006 Volume 11, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Programming in Polygon R&D: Explorations with a Spatial Language II

    Jim Morey

    This paper introduces the language associated with a polygon microworld called Polygon R&D, which has the mathematical crispness of Logo and has the discreteness and simplicity of a Turing machine.... More

    pp. 147-175

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  2. A Coloured Window on Pre-Service Teachers' Conceptions of Rational Numbers

    Nathalie Sinclair, Peter Liljedahl & Rina Zazkis

    In undergraduate mathematics courses, pre-service elementary school teachers are often faced with the task of re-learning some of the concepts they themselves struggled with in their own schooling.... More

    pp. 177-203

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  3. The Co-Emergence of Machine Techniques, Paper-and-Pencil Techniques, and Theoretical Reflection: A Study of CAS Use in Secondary School Algebra

    Carolyn Kieran & Paul Drijvers

    This paper addresses the dialectical relation between theoretical thinking and technique, as they co-emerge in a combined computer algebra (CAS) and paper-and-pencil environment. The theoretical... More

    pp. 205-263

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