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Internet and Higher Education

2008 Volume 11, Number 3

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Number of articles: 11

  1. Developing a community of inquiry instrument: Testing a measure of the Community of Inquiry framework using a multi-institutional sample

    J.B. Arbaugh, Martha Cleveland-Innes, Sebastian R. Diaz, D. Randy Garrison, Philip Ice, Jennifer C. Richardson & Karen P. Swan

    This article reports on the multi-institutional development and validation of an instrument that attempts to operationalize Garrison, Anderson and Archer's Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework ... More

    pp. 133-136

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  2. What lies beyond effectiveness and efficiency? Adventure learning design

    Aaron Doering & George Veletsianos

    Educational technology and instructional design research has focused on evaluating interventions and innovations in terms of their effectiveness, efficiency, and appeal. While such indicators of... More

    pp. 137-144

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  3. Voluntary use of online study questions as a function of previous minimal use requirements and learner aptitude

    Mark Grabe, Kathryn Flannery & Kimberly Christopherson

    This study investigates voluntary use of online study questions, the relationship of study question use to examination performance, and the relationship of aptitude to study question use following ... More

    pp. 145-151

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  4. E-learning commodity or community: Disciplinary differences between online courses

    Glenn G. Smith, Allen J. Heindel & Ana T. Torres-Ayala

    Differences in curriculum and teaching styles across disciplines in higher education courses are also evident in online courses. This study used two widely available sources of data, CMS tool usage... More

    pp. 152-159

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  5. A Quest for website accessibility in higher education institutions

    Kelly A. Harper & Jamie DeWaters

    Researchers increasingly suggest that accessibility remains a prominent issue across the World Wide Web (www). This study raises awareness about issues of access in higher education. This... More

    pp. 160-164

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  6. Academic work, the Internet and U.S. college students

    Steve Jones, Camille Johnson-Yale, Sarah Millermaier & Francisco Seoane Pérez

    The aim of this study is to explore, based on a nationally representative sample, U.S. college students' uses of the Internet in their studies and their perceptions of academic life online, and... More

    pp. 165-177

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  7. The “virtual face” of institutions: Why legislators and other outsiders view higher education as aloof

    Katrina A. Meyer

    This research investigated the availability of information on higher education institutions through the web sites of 40 higher education institutions; 10 each from Doctoral/Research, Master’s,... More

    pp. 178-185

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  8. The impact of two types of peer assessment on students' performance and satisfaction within a Wiki environment

    Yun Xiao & Robert Lucking

    The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of two peer assessment methods on university students' academic writing performance and their satisfaction with peer assessment. This study also... More

    pp. 186-193

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  9. Preservice teachers' learning experiences of constructing e-portfolios online

    Qiuyun Lin

    This one-year case study reports on the effectiveness and value of electronic portfolios (e-portfolios) from the preservice teachers' perspectives. Using surveys and selected interviews, the study ... More

    pp. 194-200

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  10. Blended teacher professional development: A synthesis of three program evaluations

    Ron Owston, Herb Wideman, Janet Murphy & Denys Lupshenyuk

    This study synthesized the findings of three program evaluations of teacher blended professional development programs from the perspective of situated design and implementation, development of... More

    pp. 201-210

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  11. Editor's Choice 2008: Selected Online Learning Resources

    Laurie P. Dringus

    This article is an annual compilation of useful resources that pertain to the field of online learning and uses of the Internet for instructional delivery. Updates were made to this list since last... More

    pp. 211-216

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