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Internet and Higher Education

2008 Volume 11, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Integration of technology in higher education: A review of faculty self-perceptions

    David A. Georgina & Myrna R. Olson

    The purpose of this study was to examine how faculty technology literacy and technology training impact their pedagogy. This required an examination of how faculty technology literacy skills... More

    pp. 1-8

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  2. Unconventional Internet genres and their impact on second language undergraduate students' writing process

    Pavlina Radia & Paul Stapleton

    The Web has become a vast and appealing source of information for undergraduate students writing academic papers. While some online resources are comparable in quality to the materials housed in a ... More

    pp. 9-17

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  3. The effect of peer feedback for blogging on college students' reflective learning processes

    Ying Xie, Fengfeng Ke & Priya Sharma

    Reflection is an important prerequisite to making meaning of new information, and to advance from surface to deep learning. Strategies such as journal writing and peer feedback have been found to... More

    pp. 18-25

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  4. Development of a scale on learners' views on blended learning and its implementation process

    Buket Akkoyunlu & Meryem Yılmaz-Soylu

    The purpose of this study was to extend the evaluation of learners' views on blended learning and its implementation process by developing and validating an objective assessment instrument.... More

    pp. 26-32

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  5. Providing a flexible, learner-centred programme: Challenges for educators

    Sarah Cornelius & Carole Gordon

    This paper presents a case study of the implementation of a flexible learner-centred programme of study which blends face-to-face and online learning. The programme was developed to be flexible in ... More

    pp. 33-41

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  6. Story of a conference: Distance education students' experiences in a departmental conference

    Marisa Exter, Nichole Harlin & Barbara Bichelmeyer

    This case study examines the impact of a program-wide event on the sense of community in a distance education program. The departmental conference examined in this study is intended to help... More

    pp. 42-52

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  7. Student satisfactions in four mixed courses in elementary teacher education program

    Qiuyun Lin

    Mixed or hybrid method has become an increasingly popular course delivery model in recent years, but research regarding the effect of mixed learning is limited because of its recent debut in the... More

    pp. 53-59

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