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Gifted Child Today Magazine

2011 Volume 34, Number 3

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  1. Distance Education: Where It Started and Where It Stands for Gifted Children and Their Educators

    Paula Olszewski-Kubilius & Susan Corwith

    Today it seems that almost anything can be done remotely--most often electronically. Today, from shopping and banking to conducting research and taking courses, people use the Internet and other... More

    pp. 16-24

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  2. Online Learning for Gifted Students from the Parents' Perspectives

    Randee Blair

    Online courses specifically designed for gifted students allow these students the chance to work with others who are their intellectual peers. Additionally, the teachers of these online courses for... More

    pp. 28-30

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  3. Conversations with Teachers on the Benefits and Challenges of Online Learning for Gifted Students

    Dana Thomson

    The opportunity to work at a pace consistent with their rate of learning, as well as expanded access to advanced-level courses, make online learning a particularly good option for many gifted... More

    pp. 31-39

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  4. Evaluating Online Programs through a Gifted Lens

    Elfi Sanderson & Roxanne Greenberger

    Online learning programs have exploded on the educational scene, growing at a rate of approximately 30% annually. Online programming is here to stay and is changing the face of education. Moreover,... More

    pp. 42-53

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  5. The Changing Nature of Universities: Going Online

    Del Siegle

    The traditional model of college is changing, and universities around the country are scrambling to adapt. More students are attending classes online, studying part time, taking courses from... More

    pp. 56-61

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