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Assessing Writing

January 2013 Volume 18, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. On the Relation between Automated Essay Scoring and Modern Views of the Writing Construct

    Paul Deane

    This paper examines the construct measured by automated essay scoring (AES) systems. AES systems measure features of the text structure, linguistic structure, and conventional print form of essays;... More

    pp. 7-24

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  2. Automated Essay Scoring: Psychometric Guidelines and Practices

    Chaitanya Ramineni & David M. Williamson

    In this paper, we provide an overview of psychometric procedures and guidelines Educational Testing Service (ETS) uses to evaluate automated essay scoring for operational use. We briefly describe... More

    pp. 25-39

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  3. Validating Automated Essay Scoring for Online Writing Placement

    Chaitanya Ramineni

    In this paper, I describe the design and evaluation of automated essay scoring (AES) models for an institution's writing placement program. Information was gathered on admitted student writing... More

    pp. 40-61

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  4. Automated Scoring in Context: Rapid Assessment for Placed Students

    Andrew Klobucar, Norbert Elliot, Perry Deess, Oleksandr Rudniy & Kamal Joshi

    This study investigated the use of automated essay scoring (AES) to identify at-risk students enrolled in a first-year university writing course. An application of AES, the "Criterion"[R] Online... More

    pp. 62-84

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  5. English Language Learners and Automated Scoring of Essays: Critical Considerations

    Sara Cushing Weigle

    This article presents considerations for using automated scoring systems to evaluate second language writing. A distinction is made between English language learners in English-medium educational... More

    pp. 85-99

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  6. Large-Scale Assessment, Locally-Developed Measures, and Automated Scoring of Essays: Fishing for Red Herrings?

    William Condon

    Automated Essay Scoring (AES) has garnered a great deal of attention from the rhetoric and composition/writing studies community since the Educational Testing Service began using e-rater[R] and the... More

    pp. 100-108

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