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Mind, Culture, and Activity

2013 Volume 20, Number 2

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Picking Up the Mantle of "Expert": Assigned Roles, Assertion of Identity, and Peer Recognition within a Programming Class

    Deborah Fields & Noel Enyedy

    Changing an established role in a classroom is difficult. It involves constructing a new set of relations within a community. In this article we investigate how students with newly developed... More

    pp. 113-131

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  2. Multisensory Emplaced Learning: Resituating Situated Learning in a Moving World

    Vaike Fors, Asa Backstrom & Sarah Pink

    This article outlines the implications of a theory of "sensory-emplaced learning" for understanding the interrelationships between the embodied and environmental in learning processes.... More

    pp. 170-183

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