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Mind, Culture, and Activity

2012 Volume 19, Number 3

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Engineering Concepts: The Interplay between Concept Formation and Modeling Practices in Bioengineering Sciences

    Nancy J. Nersessian

    As much research has demonstrated, novel scientific concepts do not arise fully formed in the head of a scientist but are created in problem-solving processes, which can extend for considerable... More

    pp. 222-239

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  2. Double Stimulation in Strategic Concept Formation: An Activity-Theoretical Analysis of Business Planning in a Small Technology Firm

    Jaakko Virkkunen & Paivi Ristimaki

    In this article, we study the relationships between culturally existing general strategy concepts and a small information and communication technology firm's specific strategic challenge in its... More

    pp. 273-286

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