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Journal of Technology Studies

2010 Volume 36, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Improving Geometric and Trigonometric Knowledge and Skill for High School Mathematics Teachers: A Professional Development Partnership

    Chris Merrill, Kevin L. Devine, Joshua W. Brown & Ryan A. Brown

    In the summer of 2009, a professional development partnership was established between the Peoria Public School District (PPSD), a local education agency (LEA), and Illinois State University (ISU)... More

    pp. 20-30

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  2. Networking Labs in the Online Environment: Indicators for Success

    Hilmi A. Lahoud & Jack P. Krichen

    Several techniques have been used to provide hands-on educational experiences to online learners, including remote labs, simulation software, and virtual labs, which offer a more structured... More

    pp. 31-40

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  3. Introducing Engineering Design through an Intelligent Rube Goldberg Implementation

    Sushil Acharya & Arif Sirinterlikci

    Engineering students need a head start on designing a component, a process, or a system early in their educational endeavors, and engineering design topics need to be introduced appropriately... More

    pp. 63-72

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