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Community College Journal

2004 Volume 75, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Teaching Skill-Based Courses at a Distance

    Scott D. Johnson, Angela D. Benson, John Duncan, Olga N. Shinkareva, Gail D. Taylor & Tod Treat

    Community colleges have played a key role in connecting high school tech prep, industry training, and baccalaureate education. As an institution of higher education known for its adaptability and... More

    pp. 9-13

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  2. Seven Steps for Success: Selecting IT Consultants

    Daniel F. Moriarty

    Information technology (IT) presents community colleges with both powerful opportunities and formidable challenges. The prospects of expedited and more efficient business processes, greater student... More

    pp. 14-16

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  3. Nursing Education and the Technology Revolution

    Sharon Bernier

    At one time, it was believed that Information Technology (IT) was a specialty in nursing that should be offered at the graduate education level. Programs were offered at some of the more... More

    pp. 18-21

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  4. Architecture for the Future: Learning Empowerment

    David Reid

    Facilities that accommodate technology are much in demand today and nowhere more so than at colleges and in other learning environments all over the country. But the cry for "high-tech facilities" ... More

    pp. 22-26

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  5. Improving Web Site Usability

    Chris Watts

    Over the last 10 years the Internet has become an essential part of the way companies do business. These days, it is as important to have a Web site as it is to have a phone book listing.... More

    pp. 32-34

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  6. Distributed Administration of Online Learning Accounts

    Betsy Gamrat

    Distance learning is a vital part of today's educational environment. Using complex technology, schools are able to connect instructors and students across geographic, physical, and temporal... More

    pp. 38-40

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  7. Knowledge Management and the Learning College

    Tod Treat, Sharon Kristovich & Michael Henry

    Society today is facing unprecedented challenges. Organizations are facing internal and external pressures from globalization, changing technologies, reassessment of mission and values, changing... More

    pp. 42-46

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  8. 10 Budget-Savvy Content Management Strategies

    David J. Hillis

    Facing an overall budget reduction of 10 percent, most colleges or universities would postpone investing in a Web content management system. However, for California State University Monterey Bay ... More

    pp. 52-55

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