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Internet Research

1998 Volume 8, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. Identifying Effectiveness Criteria for Internet Payment Systems

    Tae-Hwan Shon & Paula M. C. Swatman

    Examines Internet payment systems (IPS): third-party, card, secure Web server, electronic token, financial electronic data interchange (EDI), and micropayment based. Reports the results of a Delphi... More

    pp. 202-18

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  2. The Effectiveness of Commercial Internet Web Sites: A User's Perspective

    Hudson Bell & Nelson K. H. Tang

    A user survey of 60 company Web sites (electronic commerce, entertainment and leisure, financial and banking services, information services, retailing and travel, and tourism) determined that 30%... More

    pp. 219-28

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  3. Small and Mid-Sized Businesses and Internet Use: Unrealized Potential?

    Paula J. Haynes, Richard C. Becherer & Marilyn M. Helms

    A study of Internet usage by large, small, and midsized businesses suggests that midsized businesses may be at a competitive disadvantage. Found that small businesses were more likely than midsized... More

    pp. 229-35

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  4. A Security Framework for Online Distance Learning and Training

    S M. Furnell, P D. Onions, U Bleimann, U Gojny, M Knahl, H F. Roder & P W. Sanders

    Presents a generic reference model for online distance learning and discusses security issues for each stage (enrollment, study, completion, termination, suspension). Discusses a security framework... More

    pp. 236-42

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  5. Electronic Digests in Scientific Communication

    T W. Ng

    Discusses scientific communication (discussion and publication) via print and the Internet, comparing cost, peer review, production speed, and level of interaction and explains why electronic... More

    pp. 243-46

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  6. File Not Found: The Problems of Changing URLs for the World Wide Web

    S Mary P. Benbow

    Discusses changing uniform resource locators (URLs), providing an analysis of the frequency of change; solutions available; and reasons for outdated and inaccurate URLs. Lists software and Web... More

    pp. 247-50

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  7. Inclusive Management

    Dave Garrett

    Discusses and illustrates corporate Internet use in a geographically spread consulting firm (James Martin & Co.), focusing on idea sharing, vision, client information, and results. Argues that an... More

    pp. 251-56

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  8. Global Delivery of Education via the Internet

    George K. Kostopoulos

    Examines academic, technical (network access, server capabilities, browser compatibility), administrative, instructional (technical support, student evaluation), and behavioral considerations of... More

    pp. 257-65

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  9. Evaluating Internet Information Services in the Asia-Pacific Region

    Paul A. Watters, Maya F. Watters & Stuart C. Carr

    Discusses the transition to combined print and electronic journals in the Asia-Pacific region to achieve social goals; reviews the use of Web server access logs; and presents a case study of the... More

    pp. 266-71

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