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Internet Research

1998 Volume 8, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. IT and University Libraries in Africa

    Diana Rosenberg

    A review of 19 university libraries in 12 African countries compared the benefits and drawbacks of information technology (IT), concluding that IT will not reduce the need for books and journals... More

    pp. 5-13

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  2. Mapping Africa's Initiative at Building an Information and Communications Infrastructure

    Amos P. N. Thapisa & Elizabeth Birabwa

    Examines Africa's initiative in building a regional plan for a national information and communication infrastructure (NICIP) in every African state and the challenges and opportunities confronting ... More

    pp. 49-58

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  3. Extending Common Knowledge

    Robert D. Carlitz & Mario Zinga

    Common Knowledge: Pittsburgh (CK-P) is a school networking project which develops network connectivity and curricular applications in the Pittsburgh Public Schools (Pennsylvania). This article... More

    pp. 59-69

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  4. Creating an Online Library To Support a Virtual Learning Community

    Eric Sandelands

    International Management Centres (IMC), an independent business school, and Anbar Electronic Intelligence (AEI), a database publisher, have created a virtual library for IMC's virtual business... More

    pp. 75-80

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