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Internet Research

1997 Volume 7, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Australian Academic Use of the Internet

    Andrelyn C. Applebee, Peter Clayton & Celina Pascoe

    A study of academic staff at the University of Canberra (Australia) in 1995 determined use of electronic mail, Telnet, file transfer protocol (FTP) software, World Wide Web, library and document... More

    pp. 85-94

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  2. Internet: The Marketing Challenge of the Twentieth Century

    Paul Herbig & Brian Hale

    Previously thought to be above commercial activity, the Internet is proving to be an outstanding marketing tool. This article examines linkage via World Wide Web, electronic mail, and news groups; ... More

    pp. 95-100

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  3. Internet: The Ultimate Reference Tool?

    Brendan Devlin & Mary Burke

    Despite the hype, the Internet has limitations as a reference tool. This article discusses the use of the Internet as a reference tool, examines bibliographic structure on the Internet (online... More

    pp. 101-8

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  4. Financial Services and the Internet: What Does Cyberspace Mean for the Financial Services Industry?

    David Birch & Michael A. Young

    More than 30 million households own PCs and more than 20% of these use PCs to manage their finances. This article examines the Internet and financial services, consumer needs, and differentiation... More

    pp. 120-28

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  5. Adult IT Programs: Discourse on Pedagogy, Strategy and the Internet

    R William Maule

    Degree programs and continuing education for information professionals concern most organizations as they reorganize to capitalize on innovations in networking, online services, and electronic... More

    pp. 129-52

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