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Journal of Science Education and Technology

1997 Volume 6, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Issues in Adopting a Laserdisk-Based Science Curriculum

    David A. Child, Thomas M. Duffy, Sonny Kirkley & Lori Hubbard

    Examines the implementation of a laserdisk-based science curriculum in an elementary school. Issues discussed include ownership of the classroom discussion, constraints on activities, and the... More

    pp. 161-71

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  2. Part I: Toward a System of Educational Engineering for Traditional Class Elements: A Case Study in an Introductory Physics Course

    Gay B. Stewart

    Presents a system for formally characterizing elements of an introductory science class, measuring class performance based on this characterization, and modeling the value of the class based on the... More

    pp. 173-91

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  3. Part II: A Computationally Based Modeling System for Class Elements Using Formal Observer-Based Experimental Connections

    Gay B. Stewart & John C. Stewart

    Extends the modeling system presented in Part I. This model is applied to two widely diverse educational processes: "Student Actions" and "Do Homework Problem." Its computational syntax imposes... More

    pp. 193-211

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  4. EARTHWATCH Expeditions Impact Science Education: Exposing Teachers to Science and Technology in the Field and in the Classroom

    Rachel A. Nixon

    Presents six case studies of EARTHWATCH expeditions which provide teachers with opportunities to work with scientists, participate in scientific discovery, and employ new technology. Educators join... More

    pp. 213-29

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  5. The Trend towards Materials in Science and Technology Education

    Aaron S. Blicblau

    Examines the teaching of science and technology in a new curriculum in the last year of high school in Victoria, Australia. Physics and chemistry were linked to the study of materials and... More

    pp. 231-40

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  6. Education-Industry Collaboration in Europe

    Derry W. Jones

    Discusses the increasing link between education and industry and reports on the World Council of Associations for Technological Education (WOCATE) meeting in Germany designed to stimulate... More

    pp. 241-44

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