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Journal of Science Education and Technology

December 2009 Volume 18, Number 6

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Number of articles: 8

  1. The Ecology of Hope: Natural Guides to Building a Children and Nature Movement

    Cheryl Charles

    Cheryl Charles, Ph.D gave the 2009 Paul F-Brandwein Lecture. The lecture addresses the impact of children's disconnect from the natural world in their everyday lives. Co-founder of the Children &... More

    pp. 467-475

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  2. Autonomy in Science Education: A Practical Approach in Attitude Shifting towards Science Learning

    Pasl A. Jalil, M Z. Abu Sbeih, M Boujettif & R Barakat

    This work describes a 2-year study in teaching school science, based on the stimulation of higher thinking levels in learning science using a highly student-centred and constructivist learning... More

    pp. 476-486

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  3. Toward a Holistic View of Undergraduate Research Experiences: An Exploratory Study of Impact on Graduate/Postdoctoral Mentors

    Erin Dolan & Deborah Johnson

    Involvement in research has become a fixture in undergraduate science education across the United States. Graduate and postdoctoral students are often called upon to mentor undergraduates at... More

    pp. 487-500

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  4. The Contribution of Constructivist Instruction Accompanied by Concept Mapping in Enhancing Pre-Service Chemistry Teachers' Conceptual Understanding of Chemistry in the Laboratory Course

    Sevgi Aydin, Nurdane Aydemir, Yezdan Boz, Ayla Cetin-Dindar & Oktay Bektas

    The present study aimed to evaluate whether a chemistry laboratory course called "Laboratory Experiments in Science Education" based on constructivist instruction accompanied with concept mapping... More

    pp. 518-534

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  5. Increasing Diversity in Science and Health Professions: A 21-Year Longitudinal Study Documenting College and Career Success

    Marilyn A. Winkleby, Judith Ned, David Ahn, Alana Koehler & Jeanne D. Kennedy

    Despite decades of precollege science education programs, African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans remain critically underrepresented in science and health professions. This report... More

    pp. 535-545

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  6. Using Laboratory Experiments and Circuit Simulation IT Tools in an Undergraduate Course in Analog Electronics

    Konstantinos B. Baltzis & Konstantinos D. Koukias

    Laboratory-based courses play a significant role in engineering education. Given the role of electronics in engineering and technology, laboratory experiments and circuit simulation IT tools are... More

    pp. 546-555

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  7. Teaching Oscillations by a Model of Nanoresonator

    A Lindell & J Viiri

    Nanoscience offers fascinating opportunities for science education as it links the achievements of modern technology to traditional models of science. In this article we present a nanotechnology... More

    pp. 556-559

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  8. Development of an Instrument for Assessing Undergraduate Science Students' Perceptions: The Problem-Based Learning Environment Inventory

    Erdal Senocak

    This study aimed to develop and validate a problem-based learning environment inventory which would help teachers and researchers to better understand student views on problem-based learning... More

    pp. 560-569

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