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Journal of the Learning Sciences

2016 Volume 25, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Historical Inquiry in an Informal Fan Community: Online Source Usage and the TV Show "The Tudors"

    Jolie Christine Matthews

    This article examines an informal online community dedicated to "The Tudors," a historical television show, and the ways in which its members engaged with a variety of sources in their... More

    pp. 4-50

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  2. Mobile Experiences of Historical Place: A Multimodal Analysis of Emotional Engagement

    Mona Sakr, Carey Jewitt & Sara Price

    This article explores how to research the opportunities for emotional engagement that mobile technologies provide for the design and enactment of learning environments. In the context of mobile... More

    pp. 51-92

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  3. Developing Symbolic Interpretation through Literary Argumentation

    Teresa Sosa, Allison H. Hall, Susan R. Goldman & Carol D. Lee

    Literature can be a powerful resource for adolescents' psychosocial development, as it provides opportunities to experience the world through the perspectives of others and juxtapose these with one... More

    pp. 93-132

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  4. When Form Follows Fantasy: Lessons for Learning Scientists from Modernist Architecture and Urban Planning

    D. Kevin O'Neill

    Research in the learning sciences is often motivated by the goal of shaping a better future through design. Architects and urban planners share this goal, and the history of their more ambitious... More

    pp. 133-152

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