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PS: Political Science and Politics

October 2010 Volume 43, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. The Case of the Pilfered Paper: Implications of Online Writing Assistance and Web-Based Plagiarism Detection Services

    Phoebe Morgan & Jacqueline Vaughn

    While there is nothing new about academic dishonesty, how it is committed, prevented, and detected has been dramatically transformed by the advent of online technologies. This article briefly... More

    pp. 755-758

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  2. In Defense of the Populist Lecture

    Mark Lawrence Schrad

    Information and communication technology (ICT) programs like Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote have become the norm for large university lecture classes, but their record in terms of student... More

    pp. 759-765

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  3. Reducing the Gap between Skills Sought by Employers and Developed by Education

    Robert Peters & Melisa Beeson

    The process of transforming students from novices into experts relies on active learning and the development of an appreciation for the links among topics. Since rote or stimulus-response learning ... More

    pp. 773-777

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