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CD-ROM Professional

1992 Volume 5, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Networking the Light Fantastic--CD-ROMs on LANs

    Paul W. Kittle

    Describes the development of a local area network (LAN) at Loma Linda University that allows remote access for both IBM and Macintosh microcomputers to CD-ROMs. Topics discussed include types of... More

    pp. 30-31

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  2. CD-ROM Hardware Configurations: Selection and Design

    Lee David Jaffe & Steven G. Watkins

    Presents selection and design considerations to help libraries make informed decisions about hardware configurations of CD-ROM systems. Highlights include CD-ROM configurations, including single... More

    pp. 62-68

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  3. Sounds in CD-ROM--Integrating Audio in Multimedia Products

    Judson Rosebush

    Describes how audio technology is being integrated into CD-ROMs to create multimedia products. Computer hardware and software are discussed, including the use of HyperCard to combine still pictures... More

    pp. 83-87

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