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Preventing School Failure

2011 Volume 55, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Digital Aggression: Cyberworld Meets School Bullies

    Mickie Wong-Lo & Lyndal M. Bullock

    Cyberbullying is a category of bullying that occurs in the digital realm and affects students at astonishing rates. Unlike traditional bullying, in which displays of aggression may be evident to... More

    pp. 64-70

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  2. Cyberbullying: A Review of the Legal Issues Facing Educators

    Sameer Hinduja & Justin W. Patchin

    School districts are often given the challenging task of addressing problematic online behaviors committed by students while simultaneously protecting themselves from civil liability by not... More

    pp. 71-78

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  3. School and Law Enforcement Efforts to Combat Cyberbullying

    Daniel M. Stewart & Eric J. Fritsch

    Although most youth have positive experiences while using technology, bullying by electronic means, or cyberbullying, is becoming an increasing problem. Not only does it have the potential to... More

    pp. 79-87

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  4. Cyberbullying: Prevention and Intervention to Protect Our Children and Youth

    John Snakenborg, Richard Van Acker & Robert A. Gable

    Bullying has long been of concern to school officials and parents alike. Bullying, which is a type of aggressive behavior, has now entered the electronic age in the form of cyberbullying (e.g., e... More

    pp. 88-95

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  5. Recommended Practices: A Review of Schoolwide Preventative Programs and Strategies on Cyberbullying

    Michael A. Couvillon & Vessela Ilieva

    Cyberbullying is a growing concern among school-age students. The combination of increased access, ease, and use of Web-based communication are part of what attributes to the problem. Cyberbullying... More

    pp. 96-101

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