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Journal of Computing in Childhood Education

1998 Volume 9, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Color-Coding Keyboard Functions to Develop Kindergartners' Computer Literacy

    Lawrence T. Kajs, Ramon Alaniz, Edward Willman & Elisa Sifuentes

    Describes the experience of a bilingual kindergarten teacher who, in an effort to improve students' writing, used color-coded symbols familiar to students on specific key functions of the computer ... More

    pp. 107-11

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  2. KIDTALK: A Computerized Language Screening Test

    Ellen L. Jacobs

    Examined the effectiveness of a nonbiased computerized language screening test, the Kidtalk Interactive Diagnostic Test of Aptitude for Language Knowledge (KIDTALK), in differentiating children on ... More

    pp. 113-31

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  3. The Effectiveness of a Computer Program in Helping Kindergarten Students Learn the Concepts of Left and Right

    Suzanne L Carlson & Steven H. White

    Assessed 32 kindergartners' prior knowledge of left and right, then exposed experimental group to software program "Jellybean Hunt" from Edmark Corporation's "Trudy's Time and Place House." Found... More

    pp. 133-47

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  4. Robotics and Children: Science Achievement and Problem Solving

    Susan Preston Wagner

    Examined whether use of robotics had a greater effect on elementary school children's achievement in science concepts and problem-solving abilities than use of battery-powered motorized... More

    pp. 149-92

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