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Journal of Computing in Childhood Education

1993 Volume 4, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Emergent Literacy: Implications for the Design of Computer Writing Applications for Children

    Anthony E. Kelly & James B. O'Kelly

    Describes HyperTales, a computer-based writing application for emergent writers. Discusses principles of developmental literacy approaches which offer guidance for the design of computer-based... More

    pp. 3-14

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  2. Motivational and Social Outcomes of Cooperative Computer Education Environments

    Bonnie K. Nastasi & Douglas H. Clements

    Reviews three studies on the effects of elementary school students' collaboration within the educational computer environments of LOGO, computer-assisted instruction, and computer-based instruction... More

    pp. 15-43

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  3. "Does Yours Eat Leaves?" Cooperative Learning in an Educational Software Task

    Erik F. Strommen

    Studied 28 pairs of fourth graders using an educational software game under cooperative conditions, in which students played against the computer, and competitive conditions, in which students... More

    pp. 45-56

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  4. Time Studies of Fourth Graders Generating Alternative Solutions in a Decision-Making Task Using Models and Computer Simulations

    John C Park

    Fourth graders were presented decision-making tasks that required hands-on manipulation of objects or manipulation of images using a microcomputer. Computer manipulations used (1) keyboard input; (... More

    pp. 57-76

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