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Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education

1996 Volume 7, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Learning Companion Systems, Social Learning Systems, and the Global Social Learning Club

    Tak-Wai Chan

    Describes the development of learning companion systems and their contributions to the class of social learning systems that integrate artificial intelligence agents and use machine learning to... More

    pp. 125-59

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  2. Some Technical Implications of Distributed Cognition on the Design on Interactive Learning Environments

    Pierre Dillenbourg

    Maintains that diagnosis, explanation, and tutoring, the functions of an interactive learning environment, are collaborative processes. Examines how human-computer interaction can be improved using... More

    pp. 161-79

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  3. Making Computer Tutors More Like Humans

    Johanna D. Moore

    Describes those features that distinguish human tutorial explanations from those produced by computer-based instructional systems utilizing natural language interfaces. This is illustrated through ... More

    pp. 181-214

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