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Educational Technology Research and Development

1997 Volume 45, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Enhancing Relevance: Embedded ARCS Strategies vs. Purpose

    Tammy Babe Means

    This study compared the effects of intrinsic relevance with embedded, extrinsic relevance-enhancing strategies based on the ARCS (attention, relevance, confidence, and satisfaction) model of... More

    pp. 5-17

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  2. Factors Associated with Amount of Use and Benefits Obtained by Users of a Statewide Educational Telecomputing Network

    Susan E. Anderson & Judith B. Harris

    This study identified factors that best predicted the amount and perceived benefits of network use based on TENET (Texas Education Network) use. A 70-item electronic mail survey measured five... More

    pp. 19-50

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  3. Instructional Design Models for Well-Structured and Ill-Structured Problem-Solving Learning Outcomes

    David H. Jonassen

    Considers well-structured problems versus ill-structured problems and presents models for how learners solve them, as well as models for designing instruction to support problem-solving skill... More

    pp. 65-94

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