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Journal of Educational Technology

2013 Volume 9, Number 4

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Photographic Inquiry and Educational Technologies: Generating Meaningful Narratives

    Raji Swaminathan & Thalia M. Mulvihill

    This article examines the possibilities of photography as a tool for Qualitative Research data collection, data analysis, and display. The authors argue that the new vanguard of Educational... More

    pp. 1-7

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  2. Student Perceptions of Asynchronous and Synchronous Web Based Tools and Perceived Attainment of Academic Outcomes

    Melissa A. Parenti

    With an increasing presence and continual adaptations related to distance learning, there is a recognized need for up-to-date research in the area of effectiveness of online education programs.... More

    pp. 8-14

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  3. A Proposed Multimedia Cone of Abstraction: Updating a Classic Instructional Design Theory

    Charles E. Baukal, Floyd B. Ausburn & Lynna J. Ausburn

    Advanced multimedia techniques offer significant learning potential for students. Dale (1946, 1954, 1969) developed a Cone of Experience (CoE) which is a hierarchy of learning experiences ranging... More

    pp. 15-24

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  4. Embedding Mixed-Reality Laboratories into E-Learning Systems for Engineering Education

    Munther N. Al-Tikriti & Kasim M. Al-Aubidy

    E-learning, virtual learning and mixed reality techniques are now a global integral part of the academic and educational systems. They provide easier access to educational opportunities to a very... More

    pp. 25-35

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  5. Towards Quality Higher Education in the Arab World: Challenges of the Present and Aspirations of the Future

    Mohammad Amin Awwad

    This paper aims at providing an objective evaluation and transformation of Higher Education in the Arab World with a focus on its contribution to knowledge and human development. It argues that... More

    pp. 36-45

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  6. A Rotational Blended Learning Model: Enhancement and Quality Assurance

    Said Ghoul

    Research on blended learning theory and practice is growing nowadays with a focus on the development, evaluation, and quality assurance of case studies. However, the enhancement of blended learning... More

    pp. 46-50

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  7. Blended Learning Environments in Arab Universities: Probing Current Status and Projecting Future Directions

    Isam Najib AlFuqaha

    This paper is a review of blended learning as a catalyst of optimizing the achievement of learning objectives. Blended learning forms an attempt to apply the right learning technologies to match... More

    pp. 51-59

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