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Journal of Educational Technology

2012 Volume 9, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Using Library Resources and Technology to Develop Global and Collaborative Workspaces

    Sonya S. Shepherd

    Information literacy is defined as a "set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information" (ACRL, 2011). Similarly, the "Big6®" consists of (i) defining the... More

    pp. 1-5

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  2. TEC Center: Linking Technology, Education and Cultural Diversity

    Elaine Hoter, Miri Shonfeld & N. Ganayem Asmaa

    To many people, "Israel" is perceived as a "high-tech" nation, but in the same breath, as a "nation in conflict." So why not apply Israel's technological advantage to ... More

    pp. 15-22

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  3. Technology Is an Embedded Agent of Cultural Impact

    K. Nachimuthu

    We all watch Television, read newspapers and magazines, and we also go to see films, because of different means of communications. Because, beyond the physical requirements of food and shelter, man... More

    pp. 23-30

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  4. Utilizing Technology to Meet the Needs of Non-Traditional Students in South Texas

    Elizabeth Ann Wardle, Karen Furgerson, Glenda Holland, Mary Mayorga & Joseph Villarreal

    The purpose of this study was to understand the demographic and cultural factors that define the student population of the South Texas masters'-level counseling program and to understand students' ... More

    pp. 31-34

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  5. A Diagnostic Study of the Difficulties of Using Web Based Instruction (WBI) at College Level

    Abdulkarim A. Al Saif

    The aim of this study is to diagnose the difficulties and discouraging factors impinging upon the use of distance education practically Web Based Instruction (WBI) by students at Qassim University,... More

    pp. 44-55

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