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Journal of Educational Technology

2010 Volume 7, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. The Hybrid Classroom: A Call for Outside Technologies in the Classroom

    Dan Saurino, Robert Clemente, Penelope Saurino & Tamra Ogletree

    As public school and university teachers, we are interested in strategies and techniques available to increase student engagement in content learning through the use of current technologies our... More

    pp. 1-7

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  2. Web-Based Technology for Children with Learning Disabilities

    S. Praveen Kumar & B. William Dharma Raja

    Individuals with special educational needs may face difficulties in acquiring basic skills needed for learning such as reading, spelling, writing, speaking, understanding, listening, thinking or... More

    pp. 8-13

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  3. Hybrid Learning in Enhancing Communicative Skill in English

    G. Singaravelu

    The present study highlights the effectiveness of Hybrid-Learning in enhancing communicative skill in English among the Trainees of Bachelor of education of School of Distance Education, Bharathiar... More

    pp. 14-18

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  4. Successful Internet Based Online Instruction

    L. Challoo, J. Saldana, R. Davis & Lori Kupczynski

    This study identifies factors in distance learning that affect the educational excellence of institutions of higher learning. The main elements of this study are: the examination of benefits and... More

    pp. 30-39

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  5. Leveraging PBL and Game to Redesign an Introductory Course

    Scott J. Warren, Mary Jo Dondlinger, Greg Jones & Cliff Whitworth

    The purpose of this paper is to discuss one instructional design that leverages problem-based learning and game structures as a means of developing innovative higher education courses for students ... More

    pp. 40-51

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  6. E-Learning as an Emerging Technology in India

    Pooja Grover & Nehta Gupta

    E-learning is a combination of learning services and technology that allow us to provide high value integrated learning any time, any place. It is about a new blend of resources, interactivity,... More

    pp. 52-61

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