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Journal of Educational Technology

2009 Volume 6, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Virtual Reality Enhanced Instructional Learning

    K. Nachimuthu & G. Vijayakumari

    Virtual Reality (VR) is a creation of virtual 3D world in which one can feel and sense the world as if it is real. It is allowing engineers to design machines and Educationists to design AV ... More

    pp. 1-5

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  2. ??Enhancing Work Place Competency through Innovative Integrated Learning

    A. V. Nageswara Rao, V. Krishna Mohan & Dasarathi Sahu

    The present business environment demands innovative integrated learning which is a key driver of growth and productivity. In an economy driven by knowledge management the emphasis is on continuous ... More

    pp. 6-12

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  3. Training, Market and Business in the Social Web

    Manuel Fandos Igado & José Ignacio Aguaded Gómez

    The development and implementation of web 2.0 or social web are threatening the basis of the ways of mixing with other people. These changes are affecting everybody and, in particular, companies... More

    pp. 13-19

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  4. The Role of Leadership in a Statewide Student Laptop Implementation

    Lee. E. Allen, Louis Franceschini & Deborah L. Lowther

    Researchers have frequently found that leadership plays a key role in the successful and effective implementation of technology in K-12 school districts (Meltzer & Sherman, 1997; Schiller, 2002... More

    pp. 28-40

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  5. Enhancing Student Learning: A Model for Technology-Enabled Inquiry with the Support of a Virtual Mentorship Program

    Qing Li

    Research is starting to show that an inquiry-based approach can positively impact student learning. In this paper, the author propose a model of inquiry-based learning with the support of virtual... More

    pp. 41-53

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  6. Exploring Teacher Candidates' Experiences, Beliefs and Attitudes to Technology as an Instructional Learning Tool Following Instruction in a Technology-Rich Classroom

    Tony DiPetta & Vera Woloshyn

    The use of so-called, "smart-classrooms" or "e-classrooms" where students have wireless access to the internet, electronic projection and display systems, laptops and hand-held ... More

    pp. 54-65

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  7. Graphite Girls in a Gigabyte World: Managing the World Wide Web in 700 Square Feet

    Tamra Ogletree, Penelope Saurino & Christie Johnson

    Our action research project examined the on-task and off-task behaviors of university-level student, use of wireless laptops in face-to-face classes in order to establish rules of wireless laptop... More

    pp. 66-75

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