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Journal of Educational Technology

2007 Volume 4, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Factors Mititating against the Establishment, Development, Management and Utilization of Instructional Television (ITV) in Higher Institutions in Nigeria

    Olaniyi Alaba Sofowora

    This paper highlights the problems facing the establishment, development, management and utilization of instructional television (ITV) in higher institutions in Nigeria. The paper also discusses... More

    pp. 1-7

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  2. Quality Issues and Standards of E-Content

    K Nachimuthu & G Vijayakumari

    The objectives of the e-content development by the UGC are; (a) Generation of e-content, in all subjects, (b) Development of teachers and experts resources in e-journal creation; (c) Distribution... More

    pp. 8-12

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  3. Design of an Automated Essay Grading (AEG) System in Indian Context

    Siddhartha Ghosh & Sameen S. Fatima

    Automated essay grading or scoring systems are no more a myth, but they are a reality. As of today, the human written (not hand written) essays are corrected not only by examiners/teachers but also... More

    pp. 19-26

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  4. Differences in Technology Use Based on Levels of Immersion in a Teacher Technology Training Program

    Lee E. Allen, Deborah L. Lowther & J Daniel Strahl

    While it is well-documented that appropriate training of teachers in the use of technological tools is an important variable in predicting success of technology integration (Faseyitan &... More

    pp. 27-38

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  5. Implementing the FISTE Educational Technology for Electronic Design and Technology Education Using BSCW at Loughborough University

    Tom Page & Gisli Thorsteinsson

    The work outlined here provides a comprehensive report and formative observations of the development and implementation of hypermedia resources for learning and teaching used in conjunction with... More

    pp. 39-45

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  6. Promoting Integrative Learning in Online Courses: A Mastery Approach

    B Jean Mandernach, Amber Dailey & Emily Donnelli

    Due to the anonymous nature of online courses, many instructors require some type of proctored, comprehensive exam at the conclusion of the course. While comprehensive final exams are not unique to... More

    pp. 46-52

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