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Journal of Educational Technology

2007 Volume 3, Number 4

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Promoting Self-Motivated Learning through Project Based Online Learning

    Gulsun Kurubacak

    The main purpose of this paper is to discuss self-motivated learning through Project-Based Online Learning (PBOL). Besides, this paper aims to explore the dimensions and dynamics of self-motivated ... More

    pp. 9-18

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  2. Blended Learning: Creating the Right Delivery Systems to Solve Business Problems

    Elisabeth Knoll & Zane Berge

    This paper addresses the concept of blended learning, an approach that has been gaining popularity in recent years with the advancement of computer-mediated training solutions. It begins with an... More

    pp. 19-26

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  3. E-Learning in Higher Education : Issues, Challenges, Benefits, Future

    Malathi Sriram

    This article attempts to present the recent trends in the pedagogy, that the managements of higher education have begun to adapt. Of late, more and more Institutions have started making their... More

    pp. 27-34

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  4. The Impact of Technology on the Reflective Practice and Assessment in a Teacher Education Program: The Accreditation Story of a Small Private University

    Agnes Nagy-Rado & Beth Vaccaro

    The purpose of this paper is to describe the experiences of a small, Catholic university as it began implementing the various functions available through LiveText. LiveText represents a straight... More

    pp. 35-41

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  5. Using Technology to Reduce Attrition of Doctoral Students

    Freda Turner & Godwin Igein

    Attrition of doctoral students at the rate of 50-60% of those who enter the program, suggests the need to examine alternative strategies within educational institutions in working with doctoral... More

    pp. 48-50

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  6. Using Multiple Literacies to Create a Multimedia Product

    Susan Browne, Midge Madden & Eileen Stutzbach

    This article describes and documents the teaching and learning in a new undergraduate course at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey, USA. Students investigate the meaning of literacy in today... More

    pp. 51-53

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  7. Future Trends of Educational Technology in Nigeria

    J Adeyanju, L Oyewusi, T Bada, B Omoteso, A Adekomi & B Akinpelu

    Traditionally in rural Africa it was the drum, reports of gun shot, or perhaps the smoke of a burning bush that served as a primary form of communication. However it was Gutenberg's discovery of... More

    pp. 54-57

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  8. Model Based Usability Heuristics for Constructivist E-Learning

    Dinesh S. Katre

    Many e-learning applications and games have been studied to identify the common interaction models of constructivist learning, namely: 1. Move the object to appropriate location; 2. Place objects... More

    pp. 58-65

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  9. Adoption of Technology in Malaysian Educational System

    Chris Fook Sheng Ng & Noor Azina Ismail

    This paper provides a brief understanding of the educational technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics to Form Two students (equivalent to the eighth-graders) in Malaysia. In... More

    pp. 66-73

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  10. Creativity in Technology Education Facilitated through Virtual Reality Learning Environments: A Case Study

    Gisli Thorsteinsson & Tom Page

    Innovation Education (IE) is a new subject area in Icelandic schools. The aim of the subject is to train students to identify the needs and problems in their environment and to develop solutions: a... More

    pp. 74-87

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